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Local yeast doughnuts?

Local yeast doughnuts?

Hello all. Between Corolla and Nags Head, have any new non-chain doughnut shops or bakeries opened recently that offer good yeast doughnuts?

We'll be making our annual summer trip to Duck next week. We are always on the hunt for good local places (not Krispy Kreme, Dunkin, etc.) for yeast doughnuts.

We've already tried;
Tullio's Bakery, Duck
Northern Lights Bakery, Corolla
Lighthouse Bagels and Deli, Corolla
Proof Bakery, Kitty Hawk
Orange Blossom Bakery, Buxton

Thanks in advance.

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RE: Local yeast doughnuts?

I'm not sure what they are try Duck donuts in KDH. Made while you wait. You get-em hot made to order. Roughly MP 8.5 on the right heading south in a strip shopping center.

It is a chain.


RE: Local yeast doughnuts?

I think Duck Donuts might be cake donuts.

RE: Local yeast doughnuts?

Thanks for the replies. I see I erred in not mentioning Duck Donuts in the original post. Well aware of them. They don't fit the criteria as they are cake and a chain.

RE: Local yeast doughnuts?

NO, sadly none have shown up. Yeast is my favorite over the cake ones, which is what Duck Donuts is = cake. They are good... but. Your only hope is maybe Proof Bakery. I think they do offer them, but be sure to call ahead because they have certain days and hours they are open. It's in Kitty Hawk across from Barefoot Bernies and next to Max's Pizza on the bypass around mile post 4.2


RE: Local yeast doughnuts?

I think the best are at Lighthouse Bagels. From your posted list, I see you have been there

RE: Local yeast doughnuts?

I second Lighthouse Bagel. They are always a hit.

RE: Local yeast doughnuts?

Thanks again all. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't overlooking any places. Sounds like I've hit them all.